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Classification of aluminum cutting machines

Date:2017-04-22 16:56

Classification of aluminum cutting machine:
Aluminum cutting machine classification has several major directions, respectively, for the automatic cutting aluminum machine, semi-automatic cutting aluminum machine, double knife angle cut aluminum machine.
Aluminum cutting machine is actually a kind of pipe cutting machine. General pipe cutting machine, usually can cut the commonly used metal: aluminum, copper, iron, stainless steel and so on. From a certain range, but in order to improve efficiency, accuracy and other requirements, specifically designed aluminum cutting machine used to cut aluminum, aluminum and other relatively low hardness of the material. Of course, with aluminum cutting machine to cut copper is no problem, the key lies in the cutting of the blade material. The difference is that the saw blade material for the aluminum cutting machine is TCT (carbon-tungsten carbide saw blade), and the material of the saw blade used in the general pipe cutting machine (metal circular saw) is HSS high speed hacksaw.
Automatic cutting aluminum cutting machine CNC CNC system control, can automatically achieve the aluminum tube automatic feeding, length, clamping, tool feed, release, delivery of finished products, tailings and other functions, and automatic cycle, in order to achieve Continuous automatic machining of aluminum cutting machinery. Semi-automatic work, sawing, retracting, pressing the workpiece, loosening the workpiece and other actions is the machine automatically completed, artificial only need to complete the feeding work can be, with high efficiency, precision, power and other advantages.
In short, the automatic cutting aluminum machine, semi-automatic cutting aluminum, manual cutting aluminum and so have their own advantages, the manufacturer must be based on their own production of the workpiece and the actual situation to choose the most suitable for their own machines, so as to reflect the largest machine Value, so that their production to achieve the best.

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