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Analysis and Solution of Frequent Problems in Saw Blade in Circular Sawing Machine

Writer:晋诚机械Source:原创 Date:2017-05-04 15:24

Saw blade is the most critical part of the circular saw machine equipment, once the problem, it will directly affect the stability of the sawing, especially for cutting the quality of the workpiece, has a very significant reduction in serious when the circular saw Machine equipment caused by paralysis and other circumstances found, so we use the equipment, we must pay attention to the use of saw blade.

Key points:

Before using the circular saw machine equipment, be sure to check the blade parameters and equipment is consistent, with or without bending, broken or missing teeth, check whether the material specifications, which is the most easy to ignore a lot of small details, Material, must be tested before cutting!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Frequently Asked Questions 1: Sawing has a different sound

Cause Analysis: The cut material is not clamped or serrated with iron chips or sawtooth blunt (broken)

Solution: check the circular saw machine equipment fixture parts, timely cleaning iron, if the saw blade jagged blunt is not sharp, to be replaced in a timely manner.

Frequently Asked Questions 2: Incision with burrs

Analysis of reasons: tooth, the number of teeth is not correct or not sharp enough teeth or broken teeth and other factors.

Solution: Grind the teeth and grind the appropriate number of teeth according to the material being cut; re-grinding the saw blade.

Frequently Asked Questions 3: Sawing material is not vertical

Reason analysis: the feeding rack collision and shaking positioning are not allowed, the machine assembly is not corrected in place; saw blade deformation (resulting in yaw); material irregular; infeed too fast or the number of teeth is not correct.

Solution: Always check the condition of the rack and positioning device, the machine level correction in place; do not use the deformation of the saw blade, check the material before the inspection is qualified, but also check the blade parameters are correct.

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