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Harmfulness and treatment of sawdust in cutting aluminum machine

Date:2017-05-06 15:24

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Cutting aluminum machine is strictly a kind of consumption of products, in the use of the process, if the use of properly maintained, will greatly enhance the efficiency of cutting, saving material, material, more to avoid the emergence of various problems, especially for It is especially important to clean up the waste after sawing!

Core focus:

1, sawdust too much, will seriously affect the use of saw blade effect, such as shortening its life, teeth, jump teeth, abnormal sound and so on.

2, not timely cleaning sawdust after the aluminum will lead to reduce the accuracy of sawing the workpiece, tail material can not handle. Seriously affecting the stability of the overall equipment sawing.

3, timely preventive measures can effectively avoid the discovery of various problems, must develop the correct maintenance and maintenance, regular daily cleaning of aluminum scraps.

A description of the hazards and precautions of sawdust

Hazard one: affect the set value of the rotation and produce a jump or abnormal sound;

Cutting aluminum machine equipment in the process of cutting, if the aluminum chip if the sticky to the saw blade, will cause the blade can not reach the normal set of the value of rotation, continue to feed is prone to jump teeth, resulting in sawing sound abnormalities.

Treatment plan: before the sawing should be used to check whether the use of wire brush is installed correctly, such as sawing saw waste into the saw blade parts should be timely to stop the equipment to clean up.

Hazard two: the jelly jar debris accumulation hazards;

The clamping device consists of a longitudinal clamp and a horizontal clamp, and the clamp shaft is alarmed. Check whether the jaws are clumped. The stacking of the jaws will cause the load to fall back to zero and the motor load will increase. The tail material can not be processed and the material can not be cut.

Solution: In the mobile device, you should check the cutting aluminum equipment between the various parts of the waste into its internal, each boot operation, should be on the equipment for the aluminum machine to carefully check once.


Finally, Jincheng machinery once again reminded: the use of cutting aluminum machine, we must promptly clean up the iron, such as blowing the equipment to scrap the iron to clean up, it is best to maintain 2-3 times a day, do a good job when the shift Inspection, waste must be clean, the blade cover to open the above aluminum scraps clean, check the saw blade scrap clean brush, if damaged must be timely replacement.

Maintain good maintenance and maintenance, not only can improve the efficiency of equipment, more equipment for the emergence of various problems, shorten the production time and extend the service life of equipment.

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