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Application Areas


Complete solution for the automotive industry

The birth of a car needs more than tens of thousands of auto parts, from the air conditioning system, brake tubing and fuel systems, exhaust systems and built-in architecture, etc., in addition to the advantages of R & D technology, but also with high-precision production equipment In order to create a high security products. Jin Cheng machinery on the workpiece quality and safety of driving more attention to customers, our excellent performance of intelligent composite processing machine, high-speed metal circular saw machine, automatic bending equipment and pipe end chamfering debris removal equipment, providing the automotive industry Complete solution.

Fashion furniture to create a taste of life

Pay attention to the modern life of life, furniture is no longer just pay attention to practical value, fashion design with interior decoration, revealing the owner's philosophy of life and attitude. Jincheng machinery industry-leading R & D design capabilities, can provide advanced metal furniture industry machinery and equipment, such as school tables and chairs, bathroom hardware doors and windows, fashion appliances and bed cabinet components and so on. Jin Cheng Machinery provides a metal pipe cutting, chamfering, bending composite production line, a strong composite function to meet the high speed, high stability of the production requirements.