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Grinding outer diameter (mm): Ø35-Ø500
Scope of application: circular saw blade
Product Description
Parameters Table

  Jincheng Grinding Machine is a four-axis servo-controlled CNC saw blade grinding machine. The outer diameter, the number of teeth, the grinding amount, the cutting angle, and the backlash angle are all automated. The humanized two-hand wheel design makes it easier for you to refurbish old teeth. Easy to operate.

  Using a 10.4-inch color liquid crystal display (TF-LCD), with a dialogue operation screen, you only need to enter simple values ​​to automatically grind the saw blade. Advanced software design outer diameter, tooth number, tooth depth cutting angle, backlash angle The feed speed and wheel speed are all numerically input, and no senior technician is required, and it can be easily operated. The super memory work can be equipped with 9999 sets of saw blade grinding parameters. When the saw blade is replaced, it can be based on the job number, customer code or customer Phone, quickly read the original setting parameters. High rigidity linear slide and high precision C3 grade ball screw, with full servo motor motor mechanism, high rigidity, high precision, wear resistance, low vibration.

1.CNC automatic HSS saw blade grinding machine

2. CBN diamond grinding wheel

3. Cooling system

4. Cutting angle setting automation

5. Setting function of grinding wheel rotation number

6. Three-axis CNC full servo control

7. Oil mist filter

8. Patented protective cover

9. High precision grinding wheel spindle


Disassemble the brake device of the grinding wheel

Locking device


Y axis grinding picture

Chamfer diagram below Y axis

Chamfer diagram above Y axis


  It adopts high-precision elastic micro-spindle and adopts advanced modular design to provide a complete set of replaceable grinding wheel spindles. It does not require senior technicians and can be easily replaced. The maintenance is simple and reduces the loss of downtime.

  The main body of the machine adopts nodular cast iron after tempering treatment to eliminate internal stress and ensure the best rigidity, high strength, long-lasting precision and no deformation, stainless steel shield. The latest software, large touch screen, and original Taiwanese imported products are used. system.

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◆ Project CNC-500-4A CNC-620-4A CNC-760-4A
Grinding outer diameter Ø35~Ø500 mm Ø35~Ø500 mm Ø100~Ø760mm
Number of grinding teeth 10~998 teeth 10~998 teeth 10~998 teeth
Saw blade thickness Up to 8 mm Up to 8 mm Up to 8 mm
Cutting angle 0°~30° 0°~30° 0°~30°
Grinding speed 1~60 teeth/min 1~60 teeth/min 1~60 teeth/min
Outer diameter of grinding wheel Ø120~Ø200 mm (standard Ø200) Ø120~Ø200mm (standard Ø200) Ø120~Ø200 mm (standard Ø200)
Inner diameter of grinding wheel Ø32 mm Ø32 mm Ø32 mm
Wheel thickness The thickest 8mm The thickest 8mm The thickest 8mm
Wheel motor 4.0 kw 4.0 kw 4.0 kw
Wheel speed 2500-6000 rpm 2500-6000 rpm 2500-6000 rpm
X axis motor AC servo AC servo AC servo
Z axis motor AC servo AC servo AC servo
B axis motor AC servo AC servo AC servo
Coolant motor 1.5 kw 1.5 kw 1.5 kw
Total power used 7.6w 8.5w 8.5w
net weight 1100 kgs 1290 kgs 1440 kgs
Gross weight 1460kgs 1770kgs 1920kgs
Packing size 1760*1830*1980mm (W*H*D) 1900*1910*2060mm (W*H*D) 2000*2010*2160mm (W*H*D)



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