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Product Description
Parameters Table

1. Work flow

Automatic feeding → automatic conveying → fast sawing → automatic conveying → double end chamfering → automatic detection

1.1 The operator hoists the whole bundle of materials into the storage rack by a forklift. After that, it is automatically sent to the conveying mechanism by the elevator and enters the conveying path.

1.2 Automatically transport materials to the sawing mechanism.

1.3 After cutting, the material ends are separated automatically.

1.4 All pipe fittings will be randomly and automatically transferred online to the chamfering equipment through the conveyor.

1.5 Automatically detect the length of finished products and waste products.


Cluster rack

The whole bundle of materials is hoisted into the storage rack, and the belt automatically extracts the materials without adjustment and easy to use.

Ultra-high speed sawing mechanism

Unique gear transmission system, the cutting process is smooth and no noise, improves cutting efficiency, reduces power consumption, and extends the life of the circular saw blade.

CNC feeding mechanism

The feeding clamp device adopts strong offset, horizontal clamping, firm and stable structure. The feeding mechanism is equipped with a powerful automatic offset function to prevent the surface of the material from being scratched and ensure the feeding accuracy.

Chamfer clamping mechanism

Use vertical clamps, clamp up and down, with ultra-high stability and ultra-long life.

Central control lubrication device

Central control lubrication device: keep the machine smooth and prolong its life. High-strength alloy is used as the base material, and solid lubricants manufactured by high-tech technology are embedded. Its high load and wear resistance characteristics make it completely non-lubricating.


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model JC-80NCE  
Performance item Steel pipe cutting Double chamfer
Maximum sawing capacity (mm) Ø20-Ø80 Ø20-Ø80
Maximum sawing length (mm) 600mm/multiple times 300-550
Saw blade speed (m/min) 52/105
Applicable saw blade outer diameter (mm) Ø250-350
Saw blade lubrication method Gasoline mist or Taikoo oil
Main motor power (kw) 3.75kw 2.2kw
Hydraulic pressure 2.2lw/4 poles, double oil pump working pressure 25-35kg/cm
Machine weight (kg) 1500kg 2500kg



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