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Product Description
Parameters Table

Round knife chipless cutting + double chamfering production line

work process:

Automatic backing → automatic conveying → high-speed sawing → automatic conveying → double-stage double-end chamfering → automatic detection

Advantages: Adopting new patented technology of chipless tube cutting, no cooling, no burrs, reducing material waste, and completely changing the cutting form; fast sawing speed, up to 3 seconds per cut, full CNC programming, suitable for multi-variety replacement processing, automatic Online inspection to ensure the yield


Cluster rack

The whole bundle of materials is hoisted into the storage rack, and the belt automatically extracts the materials without adjustment and easy to use.

Round knife chipless cutting mechanism

The round knife chipless cutting machine adopts double round blades, 360-degree planetary cutting method, fast cutting speed, no debris generation, and has a high-precision and high-rigidity spindle to ensure stable and durable mechanical operation.

Automatic sizing device

When the material is transported to the sawing position, the automatic sizing device automatically ejects the material to the sawing length set by the system, which improves the accuracy of the material length tolerance and reduces the generation of waste.

Chamfering mechanism

This machine can complete the chamfering and trimming of the inner and outer corners of the round tube and the round bar at one time, fast and accurate. In order to ensure that the center line of the processed object and the cutter head is accurate and unchanged, the clamping die and the cutter head are precisely set and moved. For the sake of the above calculation, special parts can be processed evenly at one time.


Customer use field:



The equipment is widely used in industries such as gas springs, automobile exhaust pipes, automobile shock absorber bushings, automobile transmission shaft tubes, etc.:



Process extension of composite production line:

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We could not find any corresponding parameters, please add them to the properties table
Round knife cutting Double chamfer
JC-50 JC-60A-1000
Ø16-50 Ø16-60
100-1000mm 100-1000mm
0.7-3 0.7-3
◎6000 /
1mm/1000 5mm/6000
≦4S/PCS (taking Ø20mm. thickness 1.5 pipe as an example)
Automatically supply to the conveying track (or unloading of the conveying track)
Automatic feeding-automatic clamping-automatic cutting-automatic discharge
500-720 /
Grindable and reusable /


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