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CNC pipe bending machine

Scope of application: metal pipe
Product Description
Parameters Table

1. It adopts Japanese Mitsubishi A2ASCPU, three-axis control, and at the same time X, Y, Z, three-axis adopt AC servo motors. The action is sensitive and reliable, and high-precision bending workpieces are produced.

2.Using a liquid crystal display touch screen, data input and operation are simple and easy to understand.

3.Strong oil pressure direct pressure device to ensure that there will be no deformation when bending thin tubes or small bending radii.

4. The feeding table with automatic clamping nozzle is controlled by numerical value to accurately and quickly position.

5.The high-rigidity and firm swing arm up/down-driving clamp mechanism can clamp the pipe very surely and provide precise bending work.

Applicable materials: steel pipe, stainless steel pipe, purple steel pipe, bronze pipe, aluminum pipe... etc. Standard accessories: wheel mold, clamp mold, guide mold, mandrel.

Special optional accessories: special molds, anti-wrinkle plates, round ball core rods, wheel push devices, automatic core rod lubrication devices, slow retraction devices, and hydraulic oil temperature devices... etc.

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Project/model JC-38x2A-1S
The largest applicable carbon steel pipe with a bending radius of 1.5D as an example Ø38.1x2.2t
The maximum applicable stainless steel pipe bending radius is 1.5D as an example Ø31.7x2.2t
The maximum applicable carbon steel square pipe bending radius is 2.0D as an example    31.75x31.75x1.5t
Maximum core length 3000MM
Maximum feeding stroke 2100MM
Feeding method 1. Direct delivery (economical type) 2. Pinch delivery (industrial control type)
Maximum bending radius 175mm
Maximum bending length 190º
  Use the controller PLC + touch screen for 2-axis models
IPC for 3-axis models
Number of elbows per piece 16 bend or 30 bend
Adjustable number of pipe fitting files A.400 groups or 125 groups B.40000 groups (IPC)
   Working speed        Bending speed MAX.45 degrees/sec
Turning speed MAX.250 degrees/sec
Feeding speed MAX.900mm/sec
 Precision Bend angle A. Oil pressure digital ±0.15º B. Servo ±0.1º
Rotating tube angle ±0.1º
Feeding length ±0.1mm
Data input method 1. Coordinate (XYZ) 2. Working value (YBC)
Rotating tube servo motor power 400w
Feeding servo motor power 1.0KW
Hydraulic motor horsepower 5HP
Variable tube axis speed control A. Hydraulic flow valve (2 axis) B. Proportional servo valve (above 2-3 axis)
Pressure clamping and pushing speed control A. Hydraulic flow valve (2-axis) B. Proportional servo valve with 4-axis or more)
Machine weight 2200KG
Mechanical size LWH(cm) 350x155x105


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