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  1. High safety performance. The saw blade drive system is under the main body. When the protective cover is lifted and the front door is opened, the automatic cutting-off will stop immediately, and it will not act when all the boring protection systems are not completed.

  2. Sawing from bottom to top will not repeat the sawing, so the cutting is faster, the cutter is more durable, and the cost is saved and the output is increased.

  3. The clamp adopts the pressing side clamp, which is firm in clamping and high in cutting precision. It does not need to be equipped with multiple clamping dies, which saves cost and time for clamp change.

  4. The fixture can be shifted back and forth, fast shifting, fast feed, no burrs, and long life of the saw blade.

  5. Equipped with an electronic saw blade protection device, the saw blade will automatically stop when an abnormality occurs.

  6. The cutting height and return depth are easy to adjust, saving time and increasing output.

  7. Convenient and clean waste disposal


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Circular saw machine for exhaust pipe JC-400-2A
 Head rotation angle 90 ̊
Sawing capacity Solid rod 70
Round tube      130-150
Angle type 120
Square tube 120
Groove 120X120
Rectangular tube 305X20
Main motor 5HP/3HP
Spindle speed 100/50rpm
Cooling water pump 1/8HP
Maximum opening of clamp 180mm
Applicable saw blade &400mm
Mechanical Dimensions 800X1120X1170


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