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JC-150 Compound Rotation Angle Cutting Machine

JC-150 Compound Rotation Angle Cutting Machine

Product Description
Parameters Table

1. CNC 4-axis control and intelligent material arrangement, the largest sawing OD 150mm round pipe, the largest sawing outer diameter 150mm, square pipe 140mm x 140mm

2. It can be equipped with a 6-meter automatic backing rack, from the entire bundle of materials into the feeding, feeding, sawing and discharging, fully automated feeding, turning angle, feeding, and discharging, a total of 4 axis servo motor control

3. You can edit the different cutting angles at both ends of the pipe according to your needs. Two different cutting angles can be specified for the same pipe end, and 3 different sawing workpieces can be edited for the same pipe.

4. The same pipe can automatically switch to different cutting speeds according to different cutting angles and geometric principles to protect the saw blade and maximize cutting efficiency

The non-working files can be edited during machine work to facilitate the scheduling of production schedules

5. Adopting the special design of Jincheng machinery, reciprocating feed from bottom to top and matching with automatic remnant removal device

6. The main machine of the machine is equipped with a safe and beautiful protective cover.

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Type No.     JC- 150NC
JC-150NC θ150/200*100 (20' saw blade)
control method PLC+ touch screen
Way of working Cylinder automatic clamping, servo automatic feeding, automatic rotation angle, automatic up and down clamping of materials, automatic cutting and servo discharging
Hydraulic pump 2020* Double pump
Main motor 5 HP + frequency converter , 4 P/ 0-80-120 rpm
Feeding and discharging servo 1.3KW
Feeding speed 0-600MM/S
Sawing angle 20-90-20 degrees
Tool feed 0-9 m/min (hydraulic pressure adjustment)
Saw film  Ø 400 mm saw blade
cooling method Micro oil mist cooling
Random configuration Saw sheet , specification 1 the present , kit 1 set
Equipment connection size Length * width * height 12000MM*2700MM*2000MM


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