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Product Description
Parameters Table

Description of the connection scheme process: 1. Put the 50x150x5mm material into the arrangement rack, and the arrangement rack will transport the materials to

Arrange the shelf outlets.

2. When the discharge port of the arrangement rack detects that there is material, the positioning baffle rises, and the pushing cylinder will

The material is pushed into the clamp of the sawing machine. After being positioned by the positioning baffle, the clamp clamps the material

Start sawing, while positioning the baffle to retract, the saw blade returns to the original point after sawing, and the clamp

Turn on the pusher cylinder to push the cut material out of the clamp and reset.

3. Repeat the action cycle of 2 above.

1. Features

1. The vertical chute advances and retracts the knife up and down, the knife feed is stable, the tool life is long, and the cutting precision is high.

2. European design, multiple sets of gear rotation are suitable for heavy cutting, with stable accuracy.

3. The unique design of the main clamp, the clamping force is strong and solid.

4. The slideway is automatically lubricated, and the machine has a long life.

5. Using PLC controller, no contacts, no faults, easy maintenance.

6. The coolant automatically circulates to ensure a smooth cut surface.

7. Equipped with electronic saw blade protection device.

8. The sawing angle is manually rotated and adjusted, and it can be arbitrarily selected between the left 45 degrees and the right 45 degrees.

Sawing example

It is suitable for cutting and sawing ordinary carbon steel, stainless steel and other special-shaped materials, pipes and bars.

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 model JC-400-2AH
Sawing range 120mm*120mm
Feeding method Manual feeding
control method PLC+button switch
Way of working Automatic clamping, automatic cutting, automatic unclamping
Hydraulic pump Single pump
Main motor 3HP/6P
Tool feed 0-6m/min (adjustable)
Saw blade HSS saw blade Ø250-400mm
cooling method Circulating water cooling
Random configuration 1 saw blade, 1 manual, 1 set of toolbox
Spindle speed 72/36 standard type
Dimensions L*W*H 1200*900*1980


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