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Suitable pipe diameter (mm): Ø20-Ø52 (standard) Ø50--Ø120 (special)
Scope of application: steel pipes, iron pipes, stainless steel pipes, aluminum pipes, copper pipes
Product Description
Parameters Table

1.This machine can complete the chamfering and trimming of the inner and outer corners of the round tube and round rod end face at one time, fast and accurate.

2. Robotic design, fast and accurate action, chamfering both ends of large pipe diameter and outer diameter. Plane trimming.

3.In order to ensure that the center line of the processed object and the cutter head is accurate and unchanged, the clamping die and the cutter head are precisely set to the top gauge, and the special parts can be processed uniformly at one time.

4. The cutter head is specially designed, the blade is standardized, and the adjustment of the cutter is easy

5. The machine structure is simple. The powerful power head has a large cutting torque, and the servo motor advances and retreats the knife. The cutting speed is fast. Accurate, the action is consistent and the loop time is short. The touch screen setting is fast and easy to adjust.



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Specification unit NC-120-100
Left and right horizontal powerful milling head   2
Spindle motor Hp 10/4P 50Hz
Number of spindle speed changes  rpm 72, 110, 165, 248, 338, 508
Drive fast forward motor  Hp January 2
Suitable material   Carbon steel
Applicable specification for cutter head mm φ50~φ90 φ110~120 Special designation: 130~150
Spindle working angle ° 90°
Processing pipe diameter mm φ60~150
Processing length mm 59-100
Mechanical dimensions (LXWXH) mm 2000*90+(1000)*1820
Combined net weight of milling head  kg  395×2


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